Surrender the Sun

by Noctura

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released June 21, 2011

Produced By Noctura
Additional Production and Programming by Dan Certa
Mixed by Dan Certa
Mastered by Harper Lee at Very Good Girl Mastering, Nashville

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Mandy Suiter and Jeremy Roche unless otherwise noted.

"Gone Away" written by Bryan "Dexter" Holland, originally performed by The Offspring

Additional guitars in “Everything”, “Die Another Day”, “Undone”, and “Venom” by Kristopher Haughey

"Bleeding for Truth” engineered by Corey Miller at The Lodge Recording Studios, Indianapolis

Cello on “Gone Away” and “Forever Lullaby” performed by Andrew Elliot, recorded by Chris Wodock at The Music Garage, Indianapolis

Album design by Cathryn Hahn,


all rights reserved



Noctura Camarillo, California

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Track Name: Fade
you don't believe in anything
under a veil of dignity
you scatter your broken memories
all around me
all of your days have been replaced
by all of the games your ego plays
when will it ever be the same

you give it all away
with all the smiles
and satisfaction you fake
you give it all away
when all your lies
come crashing down in your face
then i will be the one
to watch you fade

no one can see what lies beneath
the fragile facade you show to me
but i know your pain and suffering
it screams so loudly
while you deny your looming fate
all i can see is black and rain
nothing will ever be the same
and all you can say
is don't worry baby
i'm losing my faith

take away
all your vanity
all your pride
it's too late
you've already
begun to die
Track Name: Everything
i walk the line
is it good enough for you
or should i try
to imagine something new
all the blame you throw at me
is your cross to bear and
the way your careless ways repeat
alone i waste away

i give you everything
a loving heart that burns
through every twist and turn
i would do anything
to feel it in return
i guess i'll never learn

it's all around
you live in lies and fantasies
you've got your crown
and your reign is menacing
i'll endure another day
and give in to your ways
but you're not everything to me
and i know you'll never be

you used to be so kind
your words they made me feel alive
but now you tear me down
you look at me and all i see is hate
Track Name: Die Another Day
such a thief you took my heart away
thought you'd leave and i would be okay
no, not today

believe me
never meant to make you feel this way
forgive me
before i die another day

i can't erase
the things i said that made you go away
give me just one chance and hear me say
i'm sorry

i fall asleep without you
and i can't breathe without you
Track Name: Undone
you gave away your last confession
to face your long awaited dreams
and now the cloak you wore so proudly
it bares your soul for all to see

you can't hide anymore
all the things you ignore
now there's nowhere to run
all the lies that you made
were too much to take
who will you turn to
now that you've come undone

you never knew the ones who waited
to get a taste of something real
they can't recall the songs you sang them
and they don't even know your name

give me your faith
and i'll be your grace
show me a sign
can you show me a sign
how long will you wait
to burn your mistakes
growing with time
only growing with time
give me your faith
and you'll be okay
the world is waiting for you
but all your believing
is leaving you empty inside

and in this final revelation
you'll offer anything to save
the crumbling path that lies between us
but it's been buried in your grave
Track Name: Gone Away
maybe in another life
i could find you there
pulled away before your time
i can't deal it's so unfair

and it feels
and it feels like
heaven's so far away
and it feels
and it feels like
the world has grown cold
now that you've gone away

leaving flowers on your grave
to show that i still care
but black roses and hail marys
can't bring back what's taken from me
i reach to the sky
and call out your name
and if i could trade
i would

i'll save your soul
Track Name: Don't Save Me
it's such a compromise
for you to lead the way
when i can't see it
oh so overwhelming
i try to see behind
the angry colors
of your cold indifference
give me any sign

don't save me
when i'm falling down
you're always the one
waiting on the ground
but i still dream
and make believe
you'll be there for me
when i am bleeding

you try to sympathize
but deep inside you
there's a satisfaction
when you see my plight
and as the tale unwinds
i only find the pieces
of my spirit
raining down on me

i pray to see you shine
and give you all of my life
while you wait for my demise
in the meantime
Track Name: One More Day
only a moment away
give up my everything
keep it safe
yesterday's ridden with shame
all the deceiving becoming reality
it's getting colder
lonely inside

can i forget about
all i can't live without
i'll make it all go away
lonely i'll be without
all of the inner doubt
feeding the need
give me one more day

keep it all deep down below
wait 'til i'm drowning before i show
always a place for my blame
living's a sacrifice i won't make
it's getting colder
leave me behind

i know i won't give it up
i know what i'm made of
i know it's destroying
but i don't mind
Track Name: Bleeding for Truth
along for the ride
run away
my thoughts collide
dreams they only fade
undo the pain
and rearrange me
so i can behold
all lies unfold

so i bleed
destiny's madness is killing me
holding me tightly so i can't breathe
what will become of my fantasy
oh it's already gone

if all remains the same
in the end
how will it play
my unyielding fate
will soon betray
and suddenly
i know i'll be deprived
of this lullaby
Track Name: Forever Lullaby
in the night
i have heard your voice
a thousand times
calling out so far away
unlock me
unlock me
heal my abiding soul
take me and appease the aching envy

i can feel winds have taken
all the promises you gave me
things you never meant to leave behind
i can hear the soft and lonely
whispers of our timeless moments
playing my forever lullaby

a sea of white
i can see you
and your smile so bright
every time i close my eyes
all of me
all of me
teach me to feel alive
take me and appease the aching envy

now you're free
of all the pain
now you're free
to fly away
fly away
i'll find you someday
Track Name: Venom
a never ending fight
always looking brave into the sky
i need someone to calm my fears
and tell me it's alright
a leading light
will i ever see it shine
or is there anybody here
feels so alone

all the paths unwinding
in my darkest hour
i'm finding everything
the answers lie within me
and my eyes can finally see through
all the tangled lies
i won't believe again
wash away the venom from my mind

i would always say
maybe things are meant to be this way
condemning me to everlasting hunger
for true life
another day
it'll never be the same
i've found the answer deep inside
guiding me home

i leave it all behind
so i can feel alive

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