Acoustic Sampler

by Noctura

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released February 21, 2014

Produced By Noctura
Mixed by Dan Certa
Mastered by Harper Lee at Very Good Girl Mastering, Nashville

Written, performed, and recorded by Noctura
Cello by Mike Plewa


all rights reserved



Noctura Camarillo, California

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Track Name: Fade (Acoustic)
you don't believe in anything
under a veil of dignity
you scatter your broken memories
all around me
all of your days have been replaced
by all of the games your ego plays
when will it ever be the same

you give it all away
with all the smiles
and satisfaction you fake
you give it all away
when all your lies
come crashing down in your face
then i will be the one
to watch you fade

no one can see what lies beneath
the fragile facade you show to me
but i know your pain and suffering
it screams so loudly
as you deny your looming fate
all i can see is black and rain
nothing will ever be the same
and all you can say
is don't worry baby
i'm losing my faith
Track Name: Don't Save Me (Acoustic)
it's such a compromise
for you to lead the way
when i can't see it
oh so overwhelming
i try to see behind
the angry colors
of your cold indifference
give me any sign

don't save me
when i'm falling down
you're always the one
waiting on the ground
but i still dream
and make believe
you'll be there for me
when i am bleeding

you try to sympathize
but deep inside you
there's a satisfaction
when you see my plight
and as the tale unwinds
i only find the pieces
of my spirit
raining down on me

i pray to see you shine
and give you all of my life
while you wait for my demise
in the meantime

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